Ducati 998s FE Final Edition (REPLICA but MODIFIED FAR BEYOND the Original) Build Thread

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I have done quite a few things on the 998 project... I am just too busy at work to post.. but more exciting development coming... in the meantime...

I took out the all fairings except tail fairings because I am selling all the fairings on this bike... why not selling the tail fairings... well because all California emission sticker is on that tail fairing πŸ˜…

Also took out the headlight and SOLD it...

But before I sell it, I cleaned the inner surface of the lens from the typical "fogging" and make the headlight looks like a new headlight:

Before and...

AFTER :love::

But since I already bought a new headlight, I let this one goes to a new home ;)

I also TEST fit the Motocorse rear set for 1198 that I bought for my 998 since Motocorse did not make one for 998, and I can't find any other model out there from other manufacturer that I like,
here is stock:

But the problem is, turn out the 1198 have different bolt spacing than 998 for the rear set...

Luckily... that billet adapter I accidentally found on eBay WORKS and successfully accomodate the 1198 Motocorse rear set to a 998 frame:


Side by side comparison with stock... of course the Motocorse is well let's just say, picture speaks a thousand words 🀩


and here is the brake lever comparison from Motocorse vs. stock:

By the way, I measured and record the dimension of each bolt I took out from the 998, so I can purchase the ProTi Titanium equivalent :cool:

More updates soon

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This will be some of the best content on Ducati modified.
I can’t wait to watch the journey.
Thanks so much HKMP7 πŸ˜ƒ

By the way, a "Blast from The Past" item arrived today..............

It's the super rare Full Titanium 60.5mm Motocorse Exhaust System with numbered plate (mine is number 470, although, I am not really convince that Motocorse ever produced 470 units...
I think mine is more like units number 47... but Motocorse added a zero at the back)
The reason is the price, because the original owner bought it for Β£4300 and that was back in 2007!!! which quite a big money at that time... well it is now because it equal to about $5,800...
Also, this exhaust was produced by Motocorse Japan and NOT Motocorse Italy...

I bought this used but the original owner in UK only used this for around 700 miles in his 998R and had been in storage for maybe a decade... (it actually had a lot of dust "INSIDE" the pipe :ROFLMAO:

Now, to put this into perspective,

The stock 998 exhaust pipe diameter is only 45mm.
The stock 998S European Version engine (which is basically similar to 996R engine minus the sandcast crankcase but already deep sump) exhaust pipe diameter is only 50mm.
The Termignoni Race (non corse) full system exhaust diameter is 54mm
The Ducati official Corse full system exhaust diameter is either 57mm or 60mm
The SilMotor Corse full system that was use by Chilli for NCR team bike was 60mm

So the Motocorse Full Titanium System at 60.5mm is... the LARGEST diameter of all exhaust and larger even than the factory Ducati Corse exhaust πŸ₯³

Anyway, I will not leave this Motocorse in "standard" configuration though... soon, I will MODIFIED this Motocorse exhaust to be more inline with "my preferences"
and I just bought the part to complete the modification half an hour ago... I will let you guys know about this "parts" when it arrived hopefully in 10 days or so :cool:

In the meantime, here are some Motocorse Titanium Awesomeness 🀩:

Arrived in some "generic" box from UK πŸ€ͺ:

Open the bubble wraps starting with the Titanium Silencers, and please note on how beautiful the finish is considering this was made between 20 to 15 years ago... well actually, it could be easily mistaken as a brand new silencers 😍:


Next, the manifolds:

Also, look at how smooth the inner surface of the manifolds despite it's being a "pie-cut" pipe:





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Now, time to test fit to make sure everything is complete and fit well...
Well... the fit and finish of the flange is so good that it was so easy and smooth when I insert the pipes end together eventhough it does not have any machined titanium flange like on SC-Project WSBK exhaust for the Panigale V4S...
It really a testament to old school pipe fabrication πŸ€“.

Start with the mid-pipe link and the 2 rear most piping:

Then add more pipe until it looks like this:

Time to add the silencers:

And now it become like this:



Yes, it's GORGEOUS piece of art all right πŸ₯°

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Ok, so many more AWESOME parts for the 998 arrived yesterday, well nothing as awesome as the Motocorse 60.5mm exhaust of course... but still plenty awesome 😎:

First, the START Shaped AEM Factory Hub Flange in Titanium Color
IMG_5091.JPG IMG_5092.JPG

then it's matching Gold Anodized, ,Titanium Stud, Cush Drive also arrived:

Yes, to make sure people know, AEM-Factory lasermarked them with the word "TITANIUM" & "Made in Italy"... again just to make sure πŸ€ͺ

Since I already have my SITTA sprocket, I decided to test fit all of them to make sure my "color choices" is ok πŸ˜‡:
Ok, first before you guys make your judgement on my color choices, that GOLD anodized Nut from the AEM-Factory cush drive kit will be replaced...
Well... from the picture below, they do look nice, however, they are aluminum and for Nuts, I prefer the Motocorse 12 Points TITANIUM Nuts (still on the way/not arrived yet)...
So the final configuration will have the Motocorse 12 points TITANIUM Nuts instead 🀩


Back side:

Then... anything that came in this box, for sure will be well "GORGEOUS":

But what is inside this MOTO CORSE box today?

Here it is:

The Panigale V4S Ohlins EC Fork lower caliper billet bracket:


Wait, what... Ohlins EC fork for Panigale V4S? ... but this is a 998 Build Thread... am I confused an posting on the wrong build thread? Moderators must be itching now to move my threads to the correct section 🀣
Well...... because I will "Recycle" my Ohlins EC fork from the Panigale V4S to my 998... but I can just recycled it as is... it got to be "DUCATImodified.com" treated with this Motocorse Billet Caliper bracket and of course Ohlins own FKR108 Spring Pressurized Cartridge.
Oh... I checked and the FKR108 Cartridge is currently back ordered until end of June... Yes, I already ordered from our own forum vendor @MOTION SBK 😎

More pictures...
First this is how it will look on the 998... well of course the wheel will be different, the forks will be different and the caliper/rotor will be different... but now I am comparing against the stock Showa forks bottom:

And here how it looks on the Ohlins EC forks of the Panigale V4S... by the way, the bake rotor for the 998 will be the same T-Drive (just 320mm) so this looks pretty accurate for the future configuration... although the wheel would be... Carbon Fiber πŸ₯³:


Now we are still on the topic near the front wheel.. how about the Brembo T-Drive rotors for Ducati 998? Yap, arrived yesterday:

Continue below...

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Next is the AELLA Chromoly front axle for Ducati 1198... wait... 1198? hmmm....
Yes because 1198 have the larger diameter axle like the Panigale V4S but shorter in length since the 998 forks spacing is not as wide as the Panigale V4S...
so this is PERFECT 🧐
Although of course I still need to make custom wheel spacer and nut, plus rotor spacer etc... so DUCATImodified treatment will apply as well.
Again, why Chromoly and not Titanium axle... because I personally prefer the durability and toughness of the good old steel/chrome (chromoly) for such a thin wall high load application compare to the lightness of TitaniumπŸ€“

Then, EVR Carbon Fiber LARGER Airbox... now on this one, I am technically happy (due to the larger size), but extremely disappointed with the surface finish.
On the RIGHT side in particular,... I think EVR cover it with the plastic wrap before the clear coat / resin dry or maybe their mold is in very bad condition.
It have several deep lines that you can feel with your finger nail, basically like it have wrinkles/deep scratch on it.
The left side is also not great, however the right side is just unacceptable...
Overall, the finish of this EVR Carbon Fiber LARGER Airbox is sub-par and of course can't be compared with either Peter Lieb or Ilmberger products,
So I am undecided whether I am going to refinish the entire surface at a paint shop or just return it and ask for refund and buy Ducati Factory Carbon Fiber Airbox...


Here are the pictures of the RIGHT side where the finish is just UNACCEPTABLE (circled in red):

Next some collections of Rizoma turn signal brackets because I don't know which bracket is the right one to fit Rizoma Turn Signal on the stock mounting position of a 998. Rizoma did not make any specific 998 turn signal bracket, so as usual, some DUCATImodified treatment will be required πŸ˜‰:

Next is STM tool for the oil breather and STM Push Rod Pin for the clutch:

AEM cone spacer in Silver and Titanium so I can choose which one I like the most:

Motocorse Titanium screw for the side stand switch but I am hoping it will also fit the exhaust carbon fiber heat shield:

Some special tools for the engine timing from K-Bike:

K-Bike push rod for clutch:

and K-Bike TITANIUM engine mounting stud:

oh last, the Ducati official spark plug for 998 standard engine just so I can make sure this engine is running properly:

Ok... that is it for now πŸ₯³

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I want to share another example of GREAT Customer Service today.

So I bought many things from WRS in Italy this past few years...
Gianluca Franca is always the person who assist me with my purchase (sometimes special request).

A few weeks ago, Gianluca helped me again with the documentation that I need as part of the process to upload the Akrapovic UpMap at my local Ducati Dealer. This is despite that I bought that Akrapovic exhaust from Gianluca almost half a year earlier...
Gianluca still make sure that I can complete the UpMap process...

Then last week, I purchased another exhaust from Gianluca, this time a no longer in production Ducati Performance Termignoni Silencer kit for Ducati 1198.
Not only that Gianluca pricing is the best in the world (Yes, I check all the source that still have this kit)...
He also send some extra souvenir for me.
Thanks so much Gianluca, I am looking forward to order the ImA clip-on handlebar and more parts soon from you. (y)

First, here are the extra souvenir from Gianluca at WRS:


Then here are the box when it just arrived, carefully packaged as usual:

The inner Ducati Performance box:

Termignoni Carbon Silencers out of the box :love::

It came with dB killer that is removable (and I will remove it of course) πŸ₯³:

Comparing it with the Akrapovic currently on the bike, they are about the same length which is PERFECT, but the Termignoni for 1198 have a more "flat" oval shape, which is good so it will have more clearance.
The Akrapovic rivet, weld and general build quality I think is actually better than the Termignoni, however I passionately believe a Real 916, 996, 998 got to wear a Termignoni πŸ˜‰


Next, comparing the Termignoni with the Motocorse silencers, and I just realized how much longer the Motocorse silencer is compare to the Termignoni...

So those extension pipe from the Termignoni kit, that was if you want to use it with stock manifold of a 1198, but if you want to use it with the 70mm full system Termignoni for 1198, you will not use that extension pipe.
Just like picture below, Termignoni without extension pipe.

My plan is to use the Motocorse 60.5mm all Titanium Header and Mid-Pipe then custom fabricate an adapter pipe to accommodate the 57mm inlet diameter of the Termignoni silencers.

Here is the diameter of the Motocorse pipe:

Well, it will still be many more months before I can fabricate this pipe adapter though... because I will need to install the new big bore 999 engine... which I have not even have time to start yet...
so still long way to go πŸ˜‰

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That carbon termi muffler is a standout compared with the others.
I just put in an order with Wrs a few days ago, very competitive pricing and shipping is super fast.

Thanks @Andy7 πŸ˜ƒ

I have some GREAT updates today...
so a day after my 998 arrived, I start it up and everything runs well, but after about 5 minutes of the engine running, then it just died and just won't start again. The starter motor cranking and there is fuel, just won't start up...
I can also hear the fuel pump priming so the fuel pump is not the problem.

I took off the front cylinder spark plug since it is easily accessible after removing the fairing and it is not that bad but I thought maybe the spark plug on the rear cylinder is worse, so I purchased several sets of brand new original Ducati OEM Champion Spark Plug, which of course took a week for shipping so more delays:

Then once the new spark plugs above arrived, I took out the gas tank (siphoning the fuel with my new fuel siphon pump and VP gas tank first):

Took out the rear tail fairing so I can slide the fuel tank backward:

Then took out the gas tank itself:

So now I can take out the spark plug of the rear cylinder:

Well, it looks ok almost the same as the front cylinder... yes, they seen a better day but it's ok for a plug that had been sitting inside an engine that had been sitting in a living room for the past 6 years or so...

I even check the coil for the spark, and yes, they produce spark, but I decided to replace with a new spark plug anyway...
Put everything back and try to start it, with the help of jumper cable from my car to make sure everything is good... but the engine still won't start.

I also take a look inside the airbox from the side opening where the inlet tract enter the airbox... I can see that when I start the engine, the fuel injector drip one or 2 drops of fuel but not spraying...
just to make sure, I try to find a video of injector start up for comparison... and I realized, my fuel injector is not really spray enough fuel...

I open the fuel filler cap to make sure no ventilation block creating vacuum in the gas tank, and when I primed the fuel pump, I notice the whole bubble swirling inside the gas tank, like there is a water fountain in there...
hmmmmmmmm.... It made me curious enough to take off the fuel pump from the gas tank, and I found this big hose dangling... looks like the hose that connect the fuel pump output to the fuel filter input is NOT connected...
Somehow, the high pressure must had push it off... no wonder there is not enough fuel to the fuel injector !!!

To make sure it will be firmly attached I CUT the hose end about 1 cm so it will have FRESH hose connected / holding to the outlet nozzle of the fuel pump:

I then reassemble everything back and try starting the bike again, oh before I do that I inspect the injector assembly and everything looks almost like it's brand new so no problem there.

And of course it STARTS πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ and below is the YouTube Video 🀩🀩🀩. I am now going to take this engine off the bike because I am going to sell this 998 stock engine,...
but I need to have a video showing that the engine indeed run well as proof πŸ€“πŸ§πŸ˜‰:

Ducati 998 Engine 6376 Miles For Sale

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Weekend Update, in step by step pictures:
Took out the gas tank:

So I took out the rear subframe:

Took out the Akrapovic Exhaust:

I was planning to take out the injectors and airbox but caught in some office works today so don't have time this weekend...

However, later I managed to found a bit of time to assemble my new Ducati Performance Original Stand. Well. this is another long story....
So the Ducati Performance Original Stand came in 2 pieces that need to be assembled. The user manual that explain how to assemble make it sound so easy... until.... I found out that I am pretty sure even The Rock Dwayne Johnson would not be able to assemble it himself πŸ₯΄:

So, all you suppose to do is insert the U shaped Pipe onto the 2 plastic insert of the main structure of the stand... Sound simple right... well... even after I add grease below, and then me and my strong 18 years old son try to push together we still can't do it to pass the second round cylinder of that black plastic insert !!!

Then, I decided to use rubber hammer but protect the handle bar (where I am going to hit it with rubber hammer) with lot's of painters tape and some cartoon inside the painters tape, and still won't work...

Finally, I had it and just slam it to the floor (but of course the floor was covered in thick layer of cartoon box, and after many bang bang bang... yes it finally insert fully:

Initially, my plan was to use this Ducati Performance stand for the Panigale V4 (large hub), so I purchased the small hub pin for the Dynamoto stand and arrived from Australia today so I can use the Dynamoto for the 998 because I will need to move it a lot and the Dynamoto stand set is PERFECT for that:

The problem is, when I tried to take out the large hub pin from the Dynamoto, well it won't move much despite many banging with rubber mallet. Looks like the pin was PRESS FIT...
So I don't want to bang it and destroy the bearing, so I decided to just use the new Ducati Performance Rear Stand for the 998.
Lesson learn is, if you need a different hub for Dynamoto stand, better just buy a new set from Dynamoto. I am sure with bearing presser, you can press it out and I do have a bearing presser at my home... but there will be a risk of scratching the stand while the pin hub is being pressed... so I decided not to do it.

Since the 998 is now park in the garage, and I don't want to scratch my new Ducati Performance Stand from friction with the hard cement garage floor, I now use many painters tape to protect it's lower surface (for now),
and also double protect it with some UPS cartoon envelope. In the future of course the 998 will move to the carpeted area of my living room, but not until the new engine had been installed and tune so still long long time away πŸ˜‰

My goal next weekend is to take out the injector, airbox and hopefully the engine as well.

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I was busy yesterday but glad to have free time on Sunday to work on my 998 again πŸ˜ƒ

First, move the bike to the middle of my garage so I have more space around the bike (that tank was not bolted, I just have not found a great safe place to store it):

First thing is to take out the whole shower injector and velocity stack assembly from the airbox:

Then took out the airbox to expose the cylinder head and Throttle bodies:

I decided to take out the whole right electrical assembly starting with the Rectifier:
IMG_5355.JPG IMG_5356.JPG

Then the starter relay, start with disconnecting the positive input terminal:

Then the right coil:

The 3 relays and super large fuse box:

The ground to the ECU:

Oil Sensor Connector and another connector going to the back of the crankcase:

Finally, now I am able to took out the entire right electrical panel and at the same time drain the Radiator Coolant. Oh, I forgot to take picture but I also drain the engine oil earlier and also took out the oil cooler:

Next taking out the radiator:

next, took out the left switches, because I need to remove the choke lever:

But since it is more complicated since i need to slide the choke lever by first taking out the left handle bar grip... I decided it would be easier to just took out the whole choke cable connection to the throttle body:

Once I did that, it was time to remove the throttle body:

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Once the throttle body was out, you can see the intake valves, then time to remove the radiator coolant lower reservoir:

Followed by the top radiator coolant reservoir, ups I forgot, you need to take out the whole ignition key assembly because that was the only thing holding the top coolant reservoir:

Next, Left Coil (picture below show the location where the left coil used to be):

Next Coolant Thermistor (Temp Sensor)

Then, some other connector going to the generator (must be for pick up or rpm) and also another sensor into the coolant system (hmmm I wonder what this second sensor for):


Last, check to make sure I disconnected the Main cable from the Left Generator:

This is what my bike looks like, still a few more things I need to do before I can took out the engine from the frame, hopefully next weekend πŸ˜ƒ:

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Awesome work and photo documentation Howard (y)

I’m interested to hear what the second coolant sensor is when you find out.
Hi Craig,
I think I found out the function, so the second coolant sensor is for the water temperature sensor (measure the temperature with a gauge), while the first one is thermistor to activate the cooling fan signal to the ECU (it's quite confusing since on the 998, the fan is activated by the ECU which get signal from this thermistor)... a bit redundant to me...

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Today, I decided its time to start the Overbore process of the cylinder block by sending it to the company that perform this overbore and Nikasil plating service,
but first I want to compare the stock piston 100mm diameter and the larger yet lighter 102mm PISTAL piston:



Then I compare their weight:

Test fit on the stock cylinder block:

And making sure I do not need to modify the cylinder head for this larger piston by looking at the design of the bottom of the head:

Hopefully I can finish this process asap,
In the meantime,
I start test fitting the mid-pipe from Motocorse Titanium 60.5mm exhaust to see the clearance compare to the Motocorse 1198 rear sets:

Clearance looks ok now, but might need to add some spacers, but everything looks manageable.
I am also measuring all the bolts that I can replace with ProTi and will start buying some of them soon.

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I forgot that I am currently cerakoting some parts at Sagisi Customs here in Milpitas, CA,
and he sent me some update related to the swing arm πŸ₯³:

Masking process:

About to get CERAKOTED in Glacier Gold:

And done :love:,
now my 998 swing arm looks closer to what @Lucati 's gorgeous swing arm on his 1299 πŸ₯³
Cerakote Swing Arm.JPG

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Nice! Is Millennium Tech doing the work for you?
That swingarm looks awesome.
Thanks so much HKMP7 πŸ˜ƒ ,
I am not sure whether Millennium Tech or usnicom.com (US Chrome). Do you have experience with any of this 2 companies?
Please kindly advise if you did. Thanks again