Ducati 998s FE Final Edition (REPLICA but MODIFIED FAR BEYOND the Original) Build Thread

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Happy Friday today, with all the flood of parts coming in πŸ₯³:

First Custom Order 996 Strada Radiator (which is larger than stock 996 radiator but should still fit without any modification to the fairing).
However, since I will be using it on a 998 chassis with 999s deep sump engine, it need to be modified from single fan on the 996 to the double fan setup of the 998. Modification was done at Febur Factory of course :cool::


They include 2 different color of Febur Decals :love: :

It also come with an extra solid pipe which I believe was for the 996:

Here it is, front and back. Please note on the 6 mounting point for the electric dual fan on the back side.

The only issue is.... Compare to stock 999 yes, 999 radiator, this Febur 996 Strada radiator is both taller and wider (but same thickness) compare to even the 999s radiator. Just for reference the 999s radiator has the same dimension as the 998 radiator.

You can see how the Febur on the left is taller than the 999s radiator on the right... which means the measurement I provided to Febur to make those 6 mounting tab is... well a bit off vertically πŸ₯΄, but no worries, I find a way with some bracket as usual and the most important thing is, I don't have to take this Febur radiator to a local radiator shop to add (weld) those mounting tabs,
but it was done by Febur factory ;)

The 3 pictures below again show how the Febur 996 Strada radiator is taller and wider compare to the 99s radiator on the right


But thickness is the same:

You guys might ask, why don't I just buy a 998 Febur Strada radiator (Street)? well Febur do NOT make any Strada radiator for the 998, only Strada/Race version which mean cutting the fairing and I don't want that.
It also cannot use the fan anymore, and I don't want that too.

But I am really happy that I can replace the original stock (and not so fresh looking) stock 998 radiator on my bike with this Febur, plus combined with the AELLA radiator guard, it will look PERFECT with those Black Painted Febur Logo peeking behind the AELLA radiator guard πŸ₯°

Ok, next is the 996RS CORSE Dual (Progressive and Linear) BILLET upper rear shock link which I purchased from Bursi Evolution. The only have the black anodized in stock, so I took it but I plan to change the finish later to either polished aluminum or cerakote in silver or painted in silver or even painted in red anodized... I am still not sure for now.

Now, it is DUAL because as you can see there are lower and upper mounting bolt, the upper is for Progressive and lower is for linear that is more suitable with the longer race swing arm and much higher rate rear springs.
I will utilize the progressive version because I am not looking for super stiff suspension plus no one made the longer (NEW) magnesium swing arm anyway πŸ€ͺ
I can buy some use magnesium swing arm... but I don't feel like it... I want most parts on this bike to be NEW.


Talking about new parts, I am currently working to get the updated version of the Ohlins DU143 that Ohlins no longer made for 998 (it's the TTX-GP of the 998 era, so higher performance than stock Ohlins that came with 998).
This will be a special batch production from Ohlins in Sweden, but it might take quite a while before it is ready so stay tune on this one.
Well, my 998 already come with rear Ohlins, but first, it is the stock rear Ohlins and second, I am sure it is not looking new/fresh anymore... so I want it to look new and also better than stock Ohlins.

Now, how about Ducati Corse (yes original Ducati Corse) Billet water hose nipple for the cylinder heads of 998RS (yes RS)? These parts is super rare and I am lucky to get a new set:

Then... I purchase a pair of BRAND NEW Ducati 999 Cylinder Block... the 999s engine that I purchase have a very low mileage cylinder block, but still it won't look new (on the outside) so I decided, just buy a new one, not to just look new but it is really new:

Continue below...

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100mm bore:

Then, back to swingarm, a new HUBCENTRIC to match the new 748RS swing arm and the new rear axle shaft, this way no wear and tear at all on any parts on the swing arm πŸ˜‰:

Then, Motowheels 5mm spacer because I will be using Brembo T-Drive 320mm rotor for 998 (originally for conventional axial caliper) but now will be replace by a RADIALLY mounted GP4-MS caliper 😁:

I also found a brand new old stock 1299 clip-on handlebar half and this is the right side (left side still on the way):
Initially, I was thinking of using IMA, but then I still prefer the looks of the Ducati clip-on because it have that window that exposed the Gold Ohlins plus, it also use hinges so you can dismount and mount it without removing the upper triple clamp.

I am not only sourcing parts from Europe but also from Japan, and here is the deLIGHT Carbon Swing Arm cover. I choose this model instead of the Ducati factory version because this model have a more 3D shape to it especially on the lower shark fin (I pointed on the second picture below):


It also have a better quality than the Ducati factory carbon fiber of that era. This is thin and light yet strong, while the Ducati original carbon fiber is thick and heavy:

Finally, I also cannot stand the look of faded white plastic of the original secondary coolant reservoir, but Ducati no longer make a new one, but again I am lucky enough to find some NOS New Old Stock and below are the pictures.
This is it for today but stay tune, more updates keep on coming πŸ₯³:

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Next parts to arrive are:
Rizoma License Plate Kit - PT517B for 2014 to 2017 Ducati Monster. The reasons I bough this is because the design of the license plate light is beautiful with Rizoma logo on it, plus I believe the mounting of the license plate back up plate (the 2 silver screw prominent on the picture below)
will fit the mounting bolt of the Melotti Racing license plate bracket for Ducati 1198 that currently on the way. Most of the time, people either utilize some rough looking tail tidy kit for the 998 or use a carbon fiber license plate bracket (that look like it was kinda melted because during that time,
the carbon fiber quality (material and manufacturing techniques) was not good.
So I decided, I am going to have my own custom License Plate bracket and hopefully everything will fit and works as I predicted and imagined πŸ˜…

Titanium Bolt and nut for the side stand:

CNC machined Billet Aluminum side stand bracket:

Hollow Titanium swing arm pivot Bolt:

Titanium Rear Swing Arm Axle Pinch Bolt (Hollow too). I was trying to find any Motocorse bolts that might fit, unfortunately there is none so I need to find alternative source from an eBay seller in UK.
Unfortunately, it was missing one screw for the side stand switch and the seller only offer full refund if I return all my order back to UK and no partial refund.
Of course, if I want to, I can escalate the case to eBay to at minimum get partial refund since I have all the proof, but I decided, not to waste my energy and turn out, I manage to find a Side Stand Switch in Titanium by MOTOCORSE instead which I ordered today :love:


Then some warranty/service books and dealer list book arrived, just to complete all the details ;)🧐:

Oh, I also bought another left side switch but this time REAL BRAND NEW condition:


More updates coming soon 😁

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I bought another Carbon Fiber Chain Guard (used) but original Ducati parts by ATR with Ducati Part# because the first one I bought had the brake line guard in bad oxidized condition and one of the mounting holes enlarge... and turn out this is the right move since this second unit I purchase had the chain guard in not as good condition as the first unit.
This mean, I just take the first chain guard that I bought and combined it with the brake hose guard that I get from the second purchase 😁:




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DHL works over time on Sunday after Thanksgiving and deliver 2 separate packages for my 998s FE project πŸ₯³:

First package:
Custom Lower Triple Clamp that will accommodate 58mm Ohlins EC Forks from my Ducati Panigale V4 25Β° Anniversario 916.
So the stock 998 came with Showa shocks with just 53mm diameter while the 998s came with Ohlins but only with 56mm diameter.
That is why I need to custom order this Lower Triple Clamp.
I choose the model with 4 clamping bolts per side... just to be BOLD :cool::
IMG_4320.JPG IMG_4323.JPG

More pictures:

Here is the HOLLOW machined steering stem:


It also come with Billet Steering Stop:

Compare it with my Ducati Panigale V4 25Β° Anniversario 916 Lower Triple Clamp, However, the distance between forks leg on the Ducati Panigale V4 25Β° Anniversario 916 is 2cm wider than the 998 so they are NOT interchangeable πŸ€“πŸ§:

Second DHL Package today:
How about STM Evoluzione SBK Dry Slipper Clutch for Ducati 999S. Yes 999 because my 998S FE will have the 999S engine in it 😍😘πŸ₯°, just look at these pictures below, they are work of art.
Start with opening the box that feel more like box from TIFFANY then bike parts:

Sticker of course:

Then the STM Evoluzione SBK Dry Slipper Clutch:

Yes, STM making sure we all know it is the SBK EVO model by lasermarking it 😎:


Now, this STM Evoluzione SBK Dry Slipper Clutch is NOT the most expensive model. The most expensive model is called STM GP EVO,
however I did not buy that model not because of the price, (they only about $200 more so not much different in price but because I do NOT like the looks of the STM GP EVO.
Not to mention it is a smaller diameter clutch so I believe the pressure will be greater (less area, but same force equal more pressure per area).
But well, mainly I simply don't like the looks of the STM GP EVO πŸ€ͺ

I wasn't planning to Machined my brand new Ducati 999S Right Side Engine Clutch Housing Cover to make it VENTED like the Ducati Corse version because it has a brand new finish,
However, now I saw the super nice RED Anodized Basket finished on the STM, mean, I need to show it, so... I will now machined my Engine Clutch Housing Cover with VENTED windows 😎

Then in the same package, I also received the STM Clutch Tool:

I am not sure what are this two spacers for, but I am guessing they are part of the STM dry clutch kit:


To be continued:

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Again still in the same package, the JetPrime Velocity Stack for Ducati 998s engine 🀩🀩🀩:


And last BMC Air Filter kit:

But wait, USPS also deliver my left side Clip-On handlebar (Brand New Old Stock) for Ducati 1199 today, and that is all for this Great Thanksgiving Weekend delivery πŸ˜„:

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Great way to start the weekend when gorgeous parts arrived 🀩:

AELLA Radiator Protector for 916/996/998:

AELLA Oil Cooler Protector ONLY for 998 (996/916 have different smaller oil cooler):

What about some Motocorse awesomeness? πŸ₯³:

This is the 1198 rear sets which I gambled (and I am right) that have the same bolt mounting pattern as the 998 πŸ§πŸ€“πŸ˜Ž
So, not too many companies made a nice rear set for 998 anymore. NCR is no longer available, and Ducati Corse item are all used items...
and I prefer to buy brand new items if brand new items is still available.
Motocorse did not produce any rear sets for 998 but from a glance their 1198 version should fit, and so I decided to just order and worse case is I need to fabricate an adaptor bracket.

Later, I found a multi position adapter plate for stock Ducati 998 rear set, which I purchase right away.
and today, I test fit both the Motocorse 1198 rear sets and this Adapter Plate and they fit perfectly. which means, I should be able to mount the Motocorse rear sets directly onto the 998 bike frame.
Well, of course I might still be wrong until I can test fit on my bike... (still with the transport company)... but for now, I think 99% it will fit.
Here are some pictures of test fitting with the black multi position adapter plate:

and more detailed pictures:


Next is AELLA Titanium Wheel Nut sets:

Gilles Racing TITANIUM Axle nut with locking mechanism but I will use for SPROCKET NUTS since it have the same diameter and thread pitch, yes this will make a GORGEOUS Front Sprocket Nuts:


AEM rear wheel cone in RED (I also order in Slate Grey, Silver and Titanium but they have not arrived yet, so later I can choose which colors looks best):

MotoMFG wheel axle nut socket tool and oil filter socket tool:

Bunch of more ProTi bolts as usual:

and last Rizoma adapter for turn signal (I ordered several other Rizoma turn signal adapters but not arrived yet, since I am not sure which one will fit the Ducati 998 ancient mounting style yet):

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I bought a brand new 998 headlight assembly because I want to make sure the headlight looks new and can be best accomplish with a real brand new unit of course πŸ€ͺ:


Then another new parts arrived, and it is inside this big box:

What is that?

Well, turn out it is a BRAND NEW Ducati 998 Gas Tank:




The Red shade of the 998 is a little bit different compare to the red shade on the Panigale V4 25Β° Anniversario 916:

Last, the rear clamp of the 1299/Panigale V4 clip-on handle bars also arrived. like this design because it have the window cut out which will show the Ohlins fork gold finished:

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Ok, some small early weekend update πŸ˜ƒ:

I purchased this no longer produced used AELLA sprocket cover. Unfortunately, it was anodized in blue, not that this blue is not a nice color by itself, but I don't think it will fit the Red Ducati color, so I will re anodized it or maybe cerakote it...
It is in like new condition though, maybe because it was never used after the owner anodized it blue:

I also purchased this Billet CNC Brembo master cylinder clamp to be used with my stock Panigale V4 Master Cylinders that I will transfer to the 998. This will make it look nicer and complement the Ducati by Rizoma lever that came with Panigale V4 MC.

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Small updates for today...
The 1198 longer side stand arrived so the 998 will be more "upright":

I also purchased Brembo original Billet CNC Clamp for the stock Panigale V4 Brembo master cylinders to make it more "in line" with the Ducati by Rizoma lever that came with the master cylinder. Since I will "recycle" this master cylinders for the 998 πŸ€ͺ:

Oh, last weekend, I also spent 1.5 days installing both the trailer hitch and wiring so I can tow the 998 to DMV once it arrived using my own car and U-Haul motorcycle trailer 🀩:

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Corsa Garage is super fast when it come to shipping, and the 2 vented machined clutch covers arrived today. One is my brand new unit, and is the used one from the 999S engine that I purchased used.
Why I machined 2 units? Well because I want to used my brand new unit but Corsa Garage currently need a minimum order of 2 units for machining your own clutch cover, so I decided to just machined both of mine.
However, if any of you interested in purchasing a machined unit, Corsa Garage have them in stock from their own core units (used) at very fair price.

The 2 very nice boxes:

Here they are 🀩:
Brand new unit:
IMG_4612.JPG IMG_4611.JPG

Used units:

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I ordered this Samco hose and clamp kit since a few months ago, finally it arrived. It is a special order because well, its GREEN πŸ€ͺ

Why in the world that I choose Green? Because the 998s Final Edition have Green Italian flag painted on it's tail, so I am using it as inspiration where I combined the RED anodized billet water pump cover with this Green Samco Hose and Silver Stainless Steel Clamp representing Italian Flag color.
That and it will be hidden behind the fairing so it will be less controversial, unless I took of the fairing ;)