One man's 21' Ducati Panigale V2


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Hello all, this is my first Ducati Superbike! Thanks to HKMP7 for the invite to the forum, and the inspiration to follow in his footsteps of Titanium and Carbon fiber. Here goes...
Picked up my V2 from Delamo motorsports in Huntington beach California March 18th 2021 with 3 miles on the clock.


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First stop was the detail shop to get some PPF put on. I did a partial kit from Tank Slapper to cover the tricky areas. Shout out to Sean at Taurus auto detail in Austin to tackle the curves of the V2. Lower panels and underside of the tail were done as custom panels for more protection. I need all the armor I can get, as this bike will be doing Street/Track, and rental!

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Found a sweet set of V4S wheels from a fellow forum member. Shout out to HKMP7 for the good deal, great packaging, and ceramic coating! Was so excited that I did not get any pics or weights off the bike, but here it is! Running a 6" rear wheel now with a 200/55 rear tire that just barely fit without taking the muffler off. If you believe, you can achieve!
Other little mods along the way, Rizoma fork sliders and NRC tail tidy. Would have gone with the Futurisimoto but they are sold out. The NRC tail is solid steel and is up high on the bike, her days are numbered.;) I am in Austin Texas now, so I found a little side street to take some pics. Here she is at the tender age of 100...miles.



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The parts bin is getting out of hand! I was so inspired by HKMP7's build, I purchased every Ti fastener I could get my hands on!
Truly remarkable how light all these were in the package. I went raw finish on everything cause titanium...~:)


As this bike is going to have real duality, I am putting the track kit together. Spare track wheels and brakes.
Brembo HP T-Drive 330MM front rotors- Part# 208C89011 for both sides.
The V2 shares the same hardware and spacers as the V4. I found that the difference is what side of the bolt the spacer is on.
Pretty clever. When I run the street set up with the stock 320MM rotors. I run the 5mil spacer on the backside of the caliper.
When I go to track and run the 330mil, I put the spacer between the caliper and the fork, just like the V4.
Race pads are the Ferodo C-Pro #FDB2265Cpro. I have never run these. We will see!


Ah yes...delicious carbon!


Had to take this photo quick. There was a breeze blowing through the shop and nearly knocked a wheel over...not kidding. They are just super light!
Will definitely need to ceramic coat these. You just cannot keep your hands off them!
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I always love the way a V2 or 1299 have exposed exhaust pipe on the right lower fairings 😃 and from your choice of performance parts, I am sure this is the build to watch 🥳(y)
Really looking forward to learn more from your journey 😍😘🥰