DUCATI Panigale V4 25° Anniversario 916 BUILD Thread


Howard, what was the color you selected for the AEM factory cush drives?

DriveTrain upgrade project:
AEM Factory D-SEI V4 Sprocket Carrier in Titanium Color arrived. They are very beautiful. The right picturecompare it with the current original Sprocket Carrier.
I think this would be a good color combo with my EK 3D Gold Chain, Sitta Quick Changer and Sprocket, AEM Factory Titanium Studs (with Champagne gold rear aluminum housing), ProTi gold sprocket nut and AELLA Titanium Axle nut.

View attachment 270View attachment 271

AEM Factory Titanium Studs/Nuts with Cush Drives:
View attachment 272

But, I want it to look even nicer, so I UPGRADE the AEM Titanium Nuts with MOTOCORSE Titanium Nuts ;):
View attachment 273

EK 3D Gold Color 520 Chain:
View attachment 274

And of course SITTA Quick Change Sprocket Kit:
View attachment 275View attachment 276

I am hoping to install all the above tomorrow as in September 20'2020, although I received all the above parts about 4 months ago, however, all the other modification require the whole rear swing arm, rear subframe, rear exhaus manifold and rear suspension to be removed, thus I can't install all the above yet... but hopefully tomorrow...

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Howard, what was the color you selected for the AEM factory cush drives?
Hi Apuca,
I bought those from Bellissimoto, it was their New Old Stock and they only have 1 set left at that time, on sale price too 🤑
not to mention it came with 12 point TITANIUM nut standard while their current kit only come with 6 point aluminum nut
Below is the copy and paste of the model (description, color and part#). I don't think AEM offer Champagne gold color anymore, but maybe Pepita Gold is close.



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My custom exhaust.:LOL:
Beware I had the very same Motocomposites exhaust shields and they discolored and burned badly. Perhaps if you added more heat shield to the inside it might save them but mine got toasted pretty quickly. First the resin got cloudy and eventually it yellowed/browned to a singed color. Got brittle and cracked around the mounting holes also.

Motocompoites was excellent about it and refunded my money and pulled the product from their site immediately. If it's back on their site maybe they added more shielding or something.

But if I were you I'd add some additional shielding and keep an eye on them.

I added the Ti gates myself because like you I felt they needed a little something to dress them up.


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I suddenly have some office work to do today (yes, working on Sunday, but that is the part of job description working for a GLOBAL company since it is already Monday now in Asia ☀),
so I did not able to do much with my bike today, only finish applying epoxy to the Superleggera V4 Carbon Fiber Fuel tank Cover:

And install the Gold Painted V4 Logo Frame Plastic Hole cover back onto the frame:

Most likely I will be busy with work this week, so until next update, next weekend 😃


Beware I had the very same Motocomposites exhaust shields and they discolored and burned badly. Perhaps if you added more heat shield to the inside it might save them but mine got toasted pretty quickly. First the resin got cloudy and eventually it yellowed/browned to a singed color. Got brittle and cracked around the mounting holes also.

Motocompoites was excellent about it and refunded my money and pulled the product from their site immediately. If it's back on their site maybe they added more shielding or something.

But if I were you I'd add some additional shielding and keep an eye on them.

I added the Ti gates myself because like you I felt they needed a little something to dress them up.

View attachment 3920View attachment 3921View attachment 3922View attachment 3923View attachment 3924
A016738 Thank you for telling me.
If you do a time attack, remove the cover or return it to the original racing exhaust. I have very convenient tools, so 45 minutes is enough for the replacement.
This time, in order to process the cover, the original matte clear coating was polished and all was removed. According to the painters, there is no high heat resistant matte clear paint. The glossy clear I used this time for repainting is a 2-liquid type urethane that can be used for brake caliper, etc. I will wait and see for a while.
Panigale v4 engines are hot enough to discolor anodized parts. I think I have no choice but to put up with some yellowing and whitening or use it as a consumable item.
When I bought the Panigale 1199, I coated the area around the rear exhaust with H, I, P (High Insulation Paint). It was quite effective, so I am thinking about applying it to the V4 OEM exhaust too.



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Beautiful piece! Did you happen to compare weights? I understand it's not a big deal and will be insignificant but I'm just curious given one is stamped steel and the other is billet aluminum.

Thanks Araitim :),
I haven't compare weight, I forgot to do it because I was too excited to install it :ROFLMAO:
I am glad you remind me, I will do it later (y)


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Even though the weight is insignificant it is fun to see how a stamped piece of steel that seems like it is as light as it could be is heavier than the larger nicely machined aluminum piece. Honestly I was expecting opposite results given how strong and large the new piece is. Very cool, very very cool. Thank you for taking the time to do that for me.

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Weekend updates 😃.

I was busy with other things until late afternoon, so I only manage to perform polishing of the painted Superleggera V4 rear caliper bracket, thermostat by pass and the stainless steel bracket.
I polished them in 4 different steps by hand (was thinking of using the Bigfoot Nano polisher but decided not because it's easier to just do it by hand). First step is Mequiars ultra-cut compound, then I used the 2 steps from the 3 steps Mothers polishing system (Pure Polish and Micro Polishing Glaze) and last I use the Meguiars Show Car Glaze to finish it.
And it bring the deeper more natural luster and smooth surface of all the painted parts:

IMG_1774.JPG IMG_1775.JPG



I was about to install the Superleggera V4 rear caliper bracket to the swing arm, but turn out it require the use of Grease D, describe as Shell Retinax HD grease which no longer available. The replacement Grease is Shell Gadus S2 V220AC 2.
The problem is, I do have Grease B (Shell Gadus S2 V220AD with solid content) and I also have Shell Gadus S2 V200 2 (mistakenly buy this last year).
Curious, I do more research in properties comparison among all this Shell Gadus greases above and found that the Shell Gadus S2 V220AC 2 have the capability to be resistant to water washout (extreme), while the other greases above is only "good" in water washout resistant but not "extremely good" 🤓🤣
Of course, I want to make it right so I rather get the right grease, and I found the only seller of Shell Gadus S2 V220AC 2 is mostly in Europe, so I ordered from UK and hopefully it arrive in the next week or so. Of course this means it will delay the install of the Superleggera V4 rear caliper bracket, but better PERFECT than not 🧐😉

Here is the link to the Technical Data Sheet of the Shell Gadus S2 V220AC 2 or as Ducati conveniently describe as "Grease D" 😏

and below is the screenshot:

more updates tomorrow 🙂

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I slept very late last night, researching for upgrades that can be done if I someday I am lucky enough to own a 998s FE 😇, so I wake up late this morning and feel tired... then I got stuck again for another half a day in front of my computer screen, continue researching for upgrades for 998s FE again, and I believe I had already have a good understanding 😉
But now its a bit too late to start doing anything to my bike so I decided to just continue next week when my door bell rang and a nice Mr. Postman deliver things from our official forum vendor @dennispowersport from Taiwan 😍:

First, the Motocorse Japan Adjuster Knob for Ohlins Remote Pre-Load Adjuster:

and of course, since Motocorse Japan offer an "upgrade" to the center bolts to Titanium version, I decided to buy not one but 3 Motocorse Japan Titanium bolts in Gold Color because, one is to replace the center bolts on this Motocorse Japan Ohlins PreLoad Adjuster Knob,

And the other 2 bolts to cover the holes on the V4R Carbon Fiber Under Rear Subframe cover:

Last, some more Motocorse Japan parts, one is to cover the Smartphone holder mounting holes if I don't use the Smartphone bracket and also some more Motocorse Japan TITANIUM Exhaust Hanger Bolt and Washer kits to complete the Termignoni Bracket system:

Ok,... sorry for not much update this weekend, but I will continue next weekend,... oh by the way, since the Motocorse Japan Ohlins Pre-Load Adjuster knob already arrived, and the Motocorse Italy, Rear Ohlins Shock Support Bracket (gold color) also already arrived last week,
I have no choice but to order the Ohlins TTX-GP rear shock and hopefully it arrive sometimes next week 😎

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Hello everyone,
I just listed my stock Ohlins Rear Shock Absorber in the Want to Sell Sub-forum: For Sale Part# 36521673A SHOCK ABSORBER REAR OHLINS from Ducati Panigale V4 25° Anniversario 916 (only 4 miles)
Very cheap only $1,000 including shipping, with just 4 miles on it. or 60% discount compare to buying at Ducati Omaha.
This can be converted to manual adjustment shock for owner of BASE Panigale V4 who want to upgrade their rear shock to Ohlins. I wrote the details about this in my listing at the Want to Sell Sub-Forum (link above).
I haven't advertise this on eBay because it is still on my bike (but I can take it out quick), so I can't take picture of it fully out from the bike.

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My heart beat skip when I saw that Ohlins release their 2021 catalog this morning in Europe because I just ordered the DU468 TTX-GP rear shocks YESTERDAY. I quickly browse through the catalog. To my relief there is NO new version of the TTX-GP so everything is good 😅
It would suck big time if I order and find out there is a new revision/model the following day... 🤣
More story here: Discussion about Ohlins Fork, Rear Shock and Steering Damper upgrade for Panigale V4


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Mr. Postman just delivered a box full of exciting Panigale V4 SUPERLEGGERA parts and that made me ahhhhh sooooooo H A P P Y 🤣 :

First for the people who change their exhaust and want to remove their servo system completely,...
Well, The Panigale V4 SUPERLEGGERA came with a BRACKET that only hold the ABS but eliminate the lower section where it hold the Exhaust Servo and I have it on my hand ready to be installed soon ;):
The right picture show comparison to the stock BRACKET:

View attachment 3128View attachment 3129

For the people that upgrade their REAR Brake Caliper... well I believe this V4 Superleggera caliper bracket (which is the same item as the older non V4 Superleggera bracket) might be the "finishing touch" 😌
There is just 1 catch, it relocated the position of the caliper further below so you might need longer brake line and honestly, I am not 100% sure this will fit or not, so I am risking my wallet here 😅
But I will find out soon and even if it doesn't fit, it will look good in my future display rack 😇
View attachment 3130View attachment 3131

And then... for people who prefer upgrading parts from Ducati own's part instead of aftermarket part (like me), then you can consider the V4 Superleggera Carbon Fiber Instrument Cover...
Please note that I already had a complete set of Carbon Fiber instrument cover from Ilmberger and they are beautifully made, but when I found out that Ducati (factory) also sell this V4 Superleggera Carbon Fiber Instrument Cover to general public,
I can't help myself but buy them... after all they are Ducati original parts (eventhough they are manufactured by outside contractor, probably Ilmberger) but that "Ducati label" brings value for me (personally) and they also came from the V4 Superleggera 😉

Back to the carbon fiber instrument cover, note that the Ducati Superleggera V4 version has slightly more glossy finish (it still matt but have that extra "SHEEN", than the Ilmberger version, almost like the Peter Lieb's carbon finish...
This also means, I will be selling my Ilmberger Carbon Fiber Instrument Cover soon because I don't need 2 sets of Carbon Fiber Instrument Cover 😜

View attachment 3132View attachment 3133

View attachment 3134View attachment 3135

Of course, I will not forget to buy the lower mirror holes cover from V4 Superleggera in Carbon Fiber too 😁
View attachment 3136View attachment 3137

I almost buy the left and right air channel (near the side fairing) and the ignition key cover, but the Superleggera V4 had different design than my bike so they won't fit... so I am unable to replace those with Superleggera V4 version and will keep the Ilmberger left and right carbon air channel and Peter Lieb's carbon ignition key cover... so before you start buying other parts from V4 Superleggera parts catalog, make sure you really pay attention to the drawings (and bolt mounting holes) to make sure it will fit your bike 🧐

Ok, now move to V4 Superleggera Carbon Tank Cover Painted in V4 Superleggera RED. Long time ago, I had this idea of buying a V4 Superleggera PAINTED Red Tank Cover because I suspect they are made from Carbon Fiber material due to the same "VENT SLATS" just like the raw unpainted Ducati Performance Carbon Fiber version. However, a person who purchased a V4 Superleggera told me it will have different shade of RED compare to my bike... plus the fact that at that time the V4 Superleggera just launch and no parts were for sale yet...
So I end up buying Ducati Performance unpainted Carbon Fiber Tank Cover thinking of painting it RED to match my bike...

Fast forward to present, and I noticed the V4 Superleggera Painted Tank Cover is now available for general public and I just bought it, thinking... if V4 Superleggera can have something like 3 different shades of RED paint, why I can't have 2 different shades of RED 🤪
This is America a FREE Country 🥳🥳🥳, so I bought it and picture below, oh, and I actually wasn't sure if they are CARBON FIBER, and boy, I am so happy when I found out that they are REALLY made from CARBON FIBER !!!

View attachment 3138View attachment 3139

The RED is BEAUTIFUL too and below is comparison with my 2 other tank covers, the original 916 version on top, and V4 Superleggera below it and Ducati Performance at the bottom:
View attachment 3140View attachment 3141

These are comparison of the RED color only:
View attachment 3142View attachment 3143

and the last part in this shipment is... The V4 Superleggera CARBON Fiber INTAKE below the HEADLIGHT, I know another after market carbon fiber part manufacturer made the same parts, however, I heard about horrible finish and fitment issue...
well, that should not be a problem with original Ducati OEM part and the finish... ah the finish just beautifully perfect 😍😘🥰:

View attachment 3144View attachment 3146

Test Fit, yap still PERFECT 🤓 :cool:🤩
View attachment 3145

Now, I still have even MORE V4 SUPERLEGGERA parts coming, but they are currently still on their way here... hopefully they are not missing though because those parts cost even more than all the parts above...
I hope the next batch of V4 SUPERLEGGERA parts will arrive soon as they are also quite spectacular (at least that is what I am hoping they will be) 😜


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Oh jeez that would have been so typical haha 👀 you might be upgrading again in a years time if the new version is released then 😛

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A UPS package arrived today, Ohlins TTX-GP DU468 Rear Shocks Absorber 😘:


It also came with a package of Ohlins Stickers 🥳:


So Beautiful 😍

I actually bought a small Ohlins sticker to mimic the look below, however, turn out it already came with LASER MARKING Ohlins logo, so no need for sticker... well maybe the other side 🥳

Billet Lower Mount:

This Pre-Load Adjuster will be further modified ala DUCATImodified 🤪:

I think I am going to buy another spring, this unit came with 95Nm spring rate:

Oh, and Shell Gadus grease to mount the Superleggera V4 rear caliper bracket also arrived from UK, so much to do this weekend 🥳: