Ducati 998s FE Final Edition Build Thread

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Some inspiration once you find your *new* bike 😎
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Thanks so much Andy πŸ˜ƒ,
The sad news about the US version of 998s FE is their engine is the stock 998s engine, while the rest of the world got the 998R engine (more power, deep sump)...
But I think the NCR rear set is a must 😎 hopefully by the time I manage to get a 998s FE that I want, NCR is still selling the rear set for a 998 πŸ˜…

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Hi @HKMP7 , you will like this YouTube video, I had been watching it every day for the past few weeks (the effect almost like drugs addiction) πŸ€ͺ

And @Andy7 this one is a much watch GREAT quality Youtube video:


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Whoa that video was superb. I wish I could speak French (or at least had subtitles lol)
And the roads 🀀

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My first update for this BUILD Thread ;)
I am sure the senior members of our forum especially @HKMP7 catch my drift with the word "BUILD" πŸ˜‡

So, today an OLD NOS (New Old Stock) part from ancient eras of the mid 1990's made Ducati Performance arrived from Italy.
It's just a simple, low cost, small parts, but nevertheless it is the first part that arrive out of the several UPGRADE parts that I order 😌:


This is the Aluminum cover for the turn signal mounting hole of the Ducati 916 / 996 / 998. In case I decided to not use the original turn signal 😎
Look at the embossed Ducati Performance Logo on the part it self... that is so ancient πŸ€ͺ but so original 🀩

Hopefully more parts coming soon...


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I’ve been looking for a 999 lol.
I hope you find the right bike because it’s going to be sick.

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Mr. Postman just rang my door bell and to my surprise (because I wasn't expecting it to arrive this fast)... the only BRAND NEW Termignoni 54/50mm with the mid-pipe kit left in the world for Ducati 998R and 998S (at least this is the only kit I can find in the whole wide world) arrived 🀩


Inspect it together with my puppy to make sure everything is good 😁:
IMG_3203.JPG IMG_3202.JPG


And measure the diameter of the pipe to make sure I did received the right kit 🧐:

First both mid-pipe inlet and outlet:

Then diameter of the silencers, unfortunately one of the inlet of the silencers was bent, so I just order a flaring tools for exhaust from Amazon πŸ€“:

Outside diameter:

Check the Carbon Fiber finishes:


Check to make sure this is the FREE FLOWING system and no noise reducer 🏍:

And just to make sure this is RACE ONLY 😎:

And, make sure the clamps and hardware are complete:

Last need to measure the distance between the mounting bolts for the Carbon Fiber heat guard, because Ducati has several iteration of Carbon Fiber heat guard with different mounting bolts distances (and now I need to HUNT for a nice but original Carbon Fiber heat guard ;)):

I need to find this type:

Oh by the way, I also purchase a brand new old stock Ducati 998S (Euro Version) Service Manual books:geek::

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Another important parts arrived today 🀩

The Euro Version of the 998s (including the Final Edition) has the deep sump engine with much higher horsepower compare to the US version. They also come with 50mm manifold/header while the US version is the smaller 45mm manifold header.
So, I decided to purchase a set of 50mm manifold/header of the EU version and just arrived today. However, I don't think I will be using this 50mm header/manifold anymore because I plan to BIG BORE the engine so I will need at least the 54mm manifold/header ;)
Well, I can always use this 50mm manifold/header as a template to custom made a 54mm manifold/header. Why custom made? Well because it is so hard to find any 54mm Termignoni full system manifold/header now since not too many system sold with 54mm (around 20 years ago) πŸ˜…
So my best bet is to custom made then to wait and wait and wait until someone sell their 54mm manifold/header.

I also check with some other exhaust manufacturer like SilMotor who currently still making a brand new 54mm full system exhaust, however, their pipe bend angle is not the same as my Termignoni 54mm silencers so they are not compatible...

but... if anyone reading this has a 54mm Termignoni manifold/headers that they want to sell, please let me know πŸ˜€

Here are the pictures:

Here how they look assembled:

and I check their diameter at each joint just to make sure they are really 50mm 😁:

The manifold:

Last, the Amazon exhaust tubing flaring tools also arrived today:

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One small but CRUCIAL arrived today for the 998s FE project 🀩

Ducati no longer produce this parts, and CM Composite used to be the supplier of this parts for Ducati, and now they change name to Speed-Carbon, that is why I choose to buy from Speed Carbon:


And I purchase the right version with about 75mm bolt spacings:

I just purchased even more parts and hopefully will come in the next days and weeks 🀩 (that is if you can call a complete engine as a part ;):cool:πŸ˜‡)