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Rainy day...about 5 or 6 years ago bought a pair of expensive Alpinestars Goretex gloves which I carry on tour but also had in mind to be winter go-to's. But it turned out I've probably worn them twice. The reason? Beneath the leather they are TRIPLE-lined with Goretex, Primaloft and micro fibre. They are the most uncomfortable over-padded gloves I have ever worn. Zero feel on the bars, my fingers can barely move and so despite the Primaloft lining for warmth my fingers would actually freeze. My hands would be aching after a short time as I tried to wrap my fingers around the grips while fighting against four layers of material (including the leather). It was difficult to make a fist with so much material bunched up underneath. Absolutely ridiculous - I do not understand why motorcycle rain gloves need thick wooly padding on the palms and inside of the fingers. On the outside, yes, but on the inside it's just too much. The thin micro fibre lining provides enough warmth.

So today at last I decided to DUCATImodify them. (Hmmm, this has been a weekend for surgery.*) I took a razor knife, made a 3" slit in the black micro fibre lining along the top of the inside gauntlet and pulled out the glove inards. Then cut away the Primaloft following the stitched seams on the inside of the fingers, palm and gauntlet, leaving it in place on the outside surfaces. The goretex is the inner most layer and I didn't touch that.

The result...MUCH better feel. And a little more room which is good. I should get much more use out of these now as we head into our coolest months. Just look at how much lining came out of the two gloves - this is from just the palm-side. I left the Primaloft in place on the outside of the gloves.


* My other project this weekend is dear to many of you track riders, I know. WEIGHT reduction and TITANIUM!!! although not something I'd recommend unless you're a real die hard weight-wheeny. I had my gall bladder removed and a titanium clamp inserted. So right now feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself really looking forward to my next ride with my "new" gloves and latest titanium bling.


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Hi Pete,
Great creative modification to your gloves, but most importantly, I hope you will recover and feel better soon (y)


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Good save with those gloves. My last ride nearly left my hands frost bitten lol. I never understood why people would bother with heated grips til that night 😂
Hope you mend well, put your feet up, relax and watch Thriller & Zarco clean up tonight 👌🏼

Pete T

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Just finishing this glove mod...I had sliced the micro fibre lining along the very edge of the gauntlet leaving a 3" gash where the liner is just flapping around. I could leave it like that but it would quickly get tatty. I have a spray can of 3M Super 77 that I had used to glue a nylon liner material over the top of my gel seat insert. So used that to bond the micro fibre liner of my gloves to the goretex layer beneath.

First step put painters tape over everything that shouldn't be sprayed.


Next spray both materials lightly with glue. Wait for it to go tacky - a minute or two - and then press together. This is a bit difficult because the micro fibre is stretchy. So using your third and fourth hands stretch the gauntlet out wide as much as possible before pressing the liner down. Start from the middle to divide the large 3" segment into two separate smaller jobs and then distribute the black liner evenly as best as you can across the two halves. A bit of massaging is possible but can get messy.


Give it an hour before removing the tape.


And if any white goretex or primaloft is visible you can touch it up with a black Sharpie pen.