DUCATI Panigale V4 25° Anniversario 916 BUILD Thread

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A second order from eBay (another UK seller) arrived today, and I am glad to see that this Ohlins sticker is slightly smaller than the first order so I can choose which size is the "ideal and proportional" 🤓

Below is the comparison picture between the 2 different sizes:

I need this sticker to be attached like on this picture below:
PUT Ohlins STICKER on the Hydraulic Pre-Load du816.jpg

Everyday, I checked Ohlins website to see if they have the 2021 catalog out... (so far still 2020 catalog). I want to make sure they will not have a newer or better version of the TTX-GP rear shock before I buy it :LOL:
so if the TTX-GP stay the same for 2021, I will order it, it look like this, with the separate Hydraulic PreLoad Adjuster:

Found this picture, installed on a Panigale V4, so I still have to figure out whether it can fit with the SC-Project WSBK exhaust, if not then time for another bracket project 😅:

I also already order the Motocorse Japan Adjuster Knob to replace the Ohlins Black PLASTIC knob on the Hydraulic Adjuster along with the DBT Motocorse Titanium Nut from our forum vendor @dennispowersport 😃.
Now, I am hoping if Ohlins decided to came up with a new version of TTX-GP, I hope this Motocorse Japan Adjuster Knob still will fit though, otherwise, it will be a waste 😅

craig bush

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My v4 is a 19 base. Went from oem shock to K-tech dds pro, and now to the Ohlins, but I haven’t been on track with the ttx yet, so I can’t compare.

I think it’s the 95 spring, but I’ll verify the rate with Brad this weekend at COTA.

craig bush

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Ok. I’m 171. I see Ducati Omaha recommends the 85 for our weights.


BMW Alpina

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Ok. I’m 171. I see Ducati Omaha recommends the 85 for our weights.

Hi Craig,
That link is for the 1299 Panigale.

For the Panigale V4 spring rate, here is the link at Ducati Omaha: Öhlins Shock Spring - Panigale V4

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small update today,
I bought several exhaust springs and I think this one will be long enough (the other springs I bought looks look enough but turn out it was not, so I bought this one because the length were properly listed on Amazon):

And the final by pass module for the Ohlins system (this one is for the steering damper) arrived from Bike Sport Development UK:

I plan to use this long weekend to do a lot of things on my bike, so please stay tune 🤓

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Weekend Update 🤓,

First, more tools arrived, this time the set of Facom Ratchets. I initially want to buy Kohken Ratchets while I am ordering the Kohken 1/4" and 3/8" Universal Double Joint (Thanks to @ggok for pointing us about this Universal Double Joint and these Kohken Universal Double Joint is on the way right now).
Because my current ratchets that I purchase at Home Depot 8 years ago start "skipping" and "slipping" :confused:

However, the Kohken Ratchets only have 36 teeth so I decided to do more research. I then remember Facom brands from France that I had during my Aprilia distributorship time, so I take a look at Facom offering and found they also have ratchets with 72 teeth mechanism for 5° increments and Facom ratchets looks super nice. 🤩
so I bought them and they just arrived:

Then, I basically spent all the free time during this weekend working on the Termignoni silencer.
First I grind the intake flange of the second Termignoni silencer so it can fit to the right side of the SC-Project WSBK exhaust pipe.
This grinding took almost whole day, because I use Dremel and doing it by hand then hand polished it to almost mirror polish for smooth insert engagement.

Then, on the second day of the weekend,
I rotate the intake flange so the "EAR" where you attached the TENSION SPRING is at the upper position. However, it is not exactly at the top / 12 o'clock position because if I put it at exactly 12o'clock position, then I have to drill way more holes to fit the current holes of the carbon fiber sleeve.
But if I can keep it like on the picture below (11 o'clock and 1 o'clock position), then many of the holes are still aligned and I just have to drill less holes. Why I prefer to drill less hole as possible, well first, it reduce the chance of "drilling slipping" accident that could scratch the carbon fiber sleeve.
and second stainless steel is a very hard material to drill, so less is better. Having said that I drill about 12 new holes so it was still a pain 😅 and most likely, I just made my newly purchased drill bits "dull" now 🤪


But I managed to drill all holes with up to 5mm drill bits since Termignoni official stainless steel rivet is 4.8mm in diameter.
Then I get my trusted riveting tools to start riveting the first rivet, and boy... I am so surprised that my tools just don't have enough power to "break" the rivets mandrel...
Here is my manual riveting tools that fails, and because it fails to break the mandrel but the rivets itself was already tightened, so I had to spent another hour grinding and drilling that rivets to took it out...
really a painful learning on riveting 😅

After I finally managed to get that 1 rivets out, I then go back to studying and I found out that a stainless steel rivet size 4.8mm will require a much larger riveting hand tools, but ideally, better to use Pneumatic Riveting Tools...
I learn that from first reviewing at this YouTube video again (yes I reviewed it before, but don't really pay attention that this Yoshimura technician use Pneumatic Riveting tools):

After that, I do more research on Pneumatic tools, but that will require a compressor (which I do have, but not sure have enough air pressure and flow, and I am too lazy to dig up my compressor hidden somewhere in my garage to look at it's spec).
Suddenly, I remember, maybe Makita have a cordless riveting tools and yes, they do have 2 models, but they are quite expensive. However, after looking at the alternative tools, I decided to just buy the Makita since a good tool is a long time investment.
and this is the model I bought (the smaller size that is enough power, since the larger size can accommodate larger rivets but those larger rivets must be non stainless steel and most rivets were smaller size anyway and the larger Makita riveting tools does not come with the bits for the smaller rivets).
The smaller size still cost $1,289 at Amazon though
Makita USA - Product Details -XVR01Z
Link to buy at Amazon:
Makita XVR01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rivet Tool, Tool Only - - Amazon.com

So, I can't finished installing the rivets and rivets band clamp until the Makita Cordless Riveting Tools arrived, but I still can do a test fit, and to make sure the 95mm tension springs that I purchased is long enough, which turn out it is PERFECT length.
And here are the pictures of the test fit. I really like it much better that the SC-Project silencers, both in shape and of course that Termignoni logo is much better (the right size) than the oh so huge SC-Project logo on the silencer body 😉
The Termignoni outlet also have a slanted cut out pipe that make it look more... I don't know.. more Ducati,...

And don't forget those Band Clamps, (yes in the picture below, 3 of the band clamps were still missing 🤪) but if you look close on the single band clamp in the right picture below (marked with orange circle),
they have some holes shaped as TERMIGNONI Logo, plus those large stainless steel rivets make them looks more "retro and industrial"

I mean this is just PERFECT, the way I hope it came from Ducati factory. I am so glad I took a gamble and bought this 2 Termignoni silencers.
Of course, there are much more "upgrade" related to this Termignoni silencers coming soon... but for now... I know I made the right choice (for me) 🥳:

Right side:

The 95mm tension springs, just the right length:

Left side, yes, the left side don't look as good now without their band clamp and rivets installed 🧐:

From the rear:

From Farther Away:

I was planning to do more this weekend, but just don't have enough time, so maybe I work some overtime this weekdays to catch up 😁

Pete T

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Holy Guacamole Batman! That rivet tool!!! Yes you'd better work some overtime.

Like HK I wasn't sure about the Termi idea and I liked the SC cans. But you've made this work. Great job. The Termis look right! 👍👍👍