Panigale 1299 Piston Rings Question


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Quick question I've looked everywhere and can't find the answer to this on the correct order for the first two compression rings on the Panigale 1299 piston:

On the Panigale 1299 piston, which ring is 1st and 2nd? They are almost identical, both black, and measure 1.2mm in thickness.

One is labeled KDN5 is black and perfectly rectangular
One is labeled K-TOP is back but has a slight cut out on the bottom on the outside edge (make me believe this should be second)

Given this I believe KDN5 is the top compression ring and the one labeled K-TOP is the second ring but I can't find any documentation anywhere on this.

Please let me know if anyone remembers or has any documentation. I have both service manuals and this is not covered, appreciate any constructive input?