Motocorse NEW "52mm" Upper Triple Clamp for Panigale V4 with Ohlin "RACING" forks

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A few weeks ago, I was dumbfounded on why Motocorse list their Upper Triple Clamp (for Panigale V4) as a new product, because I knew they launch it a few months ago and it was already on their website, but I must had been sleepy when I read the title...
Now that I am fully awake, I realized there is A DIFFERENT.

This is their "52mm" Upper Triple Clamp SPECIFIC only if you are changing your front forks to the Ohlins FGR line like the FGR250 or FGR300 or that SBK team only (but somehow with enough money you can get it) SBK version of the FGR250, RVP25.
Note: the stock Ohlins have 53mm diameter for the top upper triple clamp.

Link below:
Billet Aluminium steering top triple yoke Panigale V4 - Ohlins Racing 52mm. front forks

The bottom triple clamp diameter is the same between our stock Ohlins and the "RACING" line Ohlins at 58mm so you can still use your STOCK Lower Triple Clamp šŸ¤“

Which can only means Motocorse must be planning for another special bike with the "RACING" forks šŸ˜Ž