Ducati Superleggera V4 Spare Parts Catalog (and how to download other model spare parts catalog from Ducati website)

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Hello everyone,

Ducati just released the Spare Parts Catalog for the 2020 Superleggera V4
and you can go to this Ducati website, scroll to the bottom and download it (after selecting the models): Ducati Original Spare Parts | Services and Maintenance
Please note that you can download the spare parts catalog for others models too from this webpage so I make this thread a sticky.

However, if you just one a quick 1 click DIRECT link than here is the direct link (from Ducati) to download the spare parts catalog:

Have fun, and if you purchase a Superleggera V4 parts to modify your bike, please kindly don't forget to post your build in this forum, the one and only DUCATI modified Forum šŸ šŸ˜ƒ(y)

note: I credited Ducati and Ducati USA for this spare parts catalog.
I also want to credit our Forum Moderator @HKMP7 who first found out about the existence of this catalog uploaded by Jeff Nash of AMS Ducati on this website: 2020 Superleggera V4