2022 Streetfighter V4 SP On Its Way...

Just plunked down a deposit on the only Streetfighter V4 SP that Fay Myers in Denver will be getting. I had a shot at the Panigale V4 SP but, and this is personal opinion, I didn't like the amount of matte black paint it had with the full fairings, etc. I like the matte black more on the Streetfighter because there isn't as 'much' of it and I think the engine in the open more evenly 'balances' the amount of black seen. That and with the carbon wheels, single seat, Rizoma rearsets and dry clutch and carbon cover, all mods I would have done anyway, I could easily justify the added cost of the bike as I would have added that in upgrades anyway. Rumors swirling about it being delivered sometime in May but was told to more realistically expect a June-ish timeframe.

I've also been told that I will be the one to uncrate and build it under the watchful eye of one of their Ducati techs, which means they'll get to watch me pull plastic off parts and pop the seat on and battery in the thing. Even I can't screw that one up too terribly bad. Given that it's a 'Limited Edition', I'll keep the mods relatively simple but I've already got a pile of parts here or on their way long before I even get the bike. So far we've got the following here or on its way:

AEM Factory 'SP Kit' Rear Sprocket Carrier and Flange and I went with the 'D-Sei' flavor flange on the left (mostly because it more evenly shows the sprocket carrier and cush drives and I'm all about symmetry)

Rizoma Ride-by-Wire Sport Grips in black w/ Ducati Spacers
'Ducati by Rizoma' Folding Levers
FuturisMoto Tail Tidy with tucked plate
'Ducati Performance' Carbon Generator Cover w/ STM Timing Inspection Cover in black
CNC Racing Carnon Fiber GP Carbon Racing Brake Cooling Ducts in matte w/ mounts
Speedo Angels Dashboard Screen Protector in anti-glare
Podium Racing Gun Drilled Ti Caliper Bolts
AELLA Ti Brembo Caliper Washers and Spacers
'Ducati Performance' Carbon Fiber Tank Protector w/ R&G Racing Tank Traction Grips
'Ducati by Rizoma' Oil Fill Plug in black
AELLA Ti Sidestand Pin in plain Ti
AELLA Front Axle Spacers
'Ducati by Rizoma' Front Fork Sliders
V4Evo Ti Frame Screws (set of 4)
V4Evo Ti Wheel Nut Clips in black

And I'm sure I've got a few more thing floating around that will go on it as soon as it gets here, including a full Akra system with a Sprint P08F1-85 and likely a BrenTune map. I almost bought a set of the CNC Racing 'Nintendo Controllers' for the bike as they were on-sale for 'Black Friday' but I wasn't absolutely positive that Ducati wasn't going to do something funky with the layout on the SP and I'd hate to end-up with a set that didn't work for one reason or another. 99% positive they'll be the same but waiting a few months likely won't kill me.

The guy I've bought all of my bikes from, who also happens to be a personal friend, has figured out that once I start 'hoarding' parts for a bike I'll be buying it shortly afterwards. What he doesn't know about is my stash of Superleggera parts that I've been collecting... :unsure:


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Wow congrats!! This is going to be a excellent build. I’m excited to see this thing come together.


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That is awesome, great choice of bike & tasteful selection of parts. Those AEM flange and sprockets are exceptional, I went with the same setup as you (with gold carrier). The red highlight will match the bike amazingly.
Wow congrats!! This is going to be a excellent build. I’m excited to see this thing come together.
I'm excited to get it...I should have a pretty good stash of parts lined-up for when it finally does arrive and I'm hoping to have it pretty well done with everything I want to do to it shortly after it does. It certainly won't rival the V4 R as far as parts go but it was a great foundation to start with, which is why I finally pulled the trigger on a Streetfighter. Makes me glad I held off on getting one last year.
That is awesome, great choice of bike & tasteful selection of parts. Those AEM flange and sprockets are exceptional, I went with the same setup as you (with gold carrier). The red highlight will match the bike amazingly.
Thank you and I do like the AEM stuff, seems you've got equally good taste. ;) After I saw the setup that @HKMP7 was running I started looking into their flange and sprocket setup and when I saw that AEM's 'V4 SP Kit' on Facebook, which I rarely use, with the slate gray color it made the choice pretty easy. I've got a few more AEM things on the way also with BellissiMoto's 'Black Friday' sale.

And some CNC Racing and some Moto Corse and some...the affliction has obviously begun.

On another note, and giving kudos where they are due, I had ordered two sets of V4Evo's Ti frame bolts for the R and SP and, lo and behold, when they got here last night via DHL there was only one set in the package. A quick note off to V4Evo referencing my order number and I had an e-mail back from Petros within a few hours that it was their fault and he was sending the second set immediately. Customer service done the way it should be and I feel that people should be equally willing to provide positive feedback when it's warranted as they are to complain when something goes sideways. I'd have no issue recommending V4Evo to anyone and the bolts and axle nut clips I did get are super nice and stupid light. The clips are 2.5 grams...are you kidding me? Next best thing to helium.

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Hello MileHayabusa,
If the V4 SP already have these awesome components ready for it, I can't wait to see what you have for the V4R 🤩

Yes, Petro from V4EVO always provide good customer service. Once I have one of the Ti frame bolt with a bit of cosmetic defect sent to me and I text him and he sent a new replacement right away without asking for the defective one to be sent back. He respond very fast too. Great seller !

And following the topic of Ti, I want to post this screenshot from ProTi webpage where they recommend the Torque for larger bolts size to be 85% of the Ducati factory torque for steel bolt because the Ti will not be able to handle the same torque as the original steel bolt. Please note that ProTi bolts is made using Forging so they are one of the strongest on the market and they still recommend this torque reduction, coupled with the use of anti-seize or Grease B (or Loctite if required on certain application instead of anti-seize). The Anti-Seize to prevent anti-galling that is common property of Titanium material.
Here is the screenshot from this webpage link: PROTI Fully Forged 64 Titanium Bolts,PROTI Motorcycle Titanium Bolts,Panigale,S1000RR,RSV4

This is especially important for the 4 M12 engine mounting bolts since the factory torque was very high 90Nm with Grease B.
So I applied only 85% x 90Nm when I install my V4EVO Ti Engine Mounting Bolts to my bike.
Later, I replaced the V4EVO Ti engine mounting bolts with Motocorse version that have the cover, and also use 85% torque value since Motocorse bolt is not regular high strength steel like Ducati factory original bolts, but a weaker stainless steel.

Another thing is, please don't forget to use jack stand to help support the engine from below the oil pan/oil sump because in some cases, the engine will drop maybe 0.5mm or 1mm when you took out the original factory bolt. And when you try to insert/screw in the new Ti Bolts, it will not enter straight and might ruin the thread. (This can happen even if you replace the bolt 1 by 1).

Last, I am curious about your screen name: MileHayabusa. Is that mean, once you build a Hayabusa for a standing mile race?


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Last, I am curious about your screen name: MileHayabusa. Is that mean, once you build a Hayabusa for a standing mile race?
Shows he's from Colorado
So maybe a play on words "Mile High a busa"
Colorado elevation is 5200 feet plus above sea level hence mile high.
@HKMP7 is correct, a little play on words and I'm actually at about 6,300' feet above sea level where I sit but that doesn't make for a nice, round mile high. Although I have been tempted to go down to the Springs and run the standing mile with both the turbo 'Busa and H2 just to see what they'll do. Nothing like boost to fix any issues with altitude.

@BMW Alpina , I'd agree that Petros is awesome. Sent him an e-mail and he had another set of frame bolts on their way to me within 48 hours. Wish every vendor was that easy to deal with.

And I'm familiar with reducing the stated torque values when using some kind of lubricant, like anti-seize. Looking in the manual they call for 90 Nm for the M12 frame bolts but also call for 'Grease B' on the threads and under the head, so the lubricant is factored in to the torque. I did see that ProTi recommends reducing the torque on larger fasteners but watching Petros' video on YouTube, he doesn't reduce the torque on the frame bolts that I recall, maybe he did 85 Nm. I also spoke to Gary at Podium Racing about his caliper bolts and he doesn't recommend reducing the torque from factory spec either and did say, despite the fact they ship their bolts with a copper-based anti-seize, that you can use any quality anti-seize on them. I'm a fan of Loctite Nickel Anti-Seize, LB 771, because it still contains copper and holds up to a much higher heat than copper making it perfect for exhaust/turbo fasteners.

Reduced torque values might be worthy of discussion and I'm curious as to what Petros might say about their frame bolts.
So I spent some time researching Ti bolts based upon ProTi's recommendation to reduce torque on larger bolts and I've found some interesting information.

Here's a good read from Pro-Bolt and their recommendation for a Ti bolt with a 12mm diameter, the same as Ducati's frame bolts whose torque value is 90 Nm, is a torque value of 97 Nm for a lubricated bolt.

Pro-Bolt Torque Values

An interesting note from the page is as follows:

"For both Titanium & Stainless Steel where possible use the same torque as manufacturer’s originals. For fasteners in safety applications on a Motorcycle, use your manufacturers torque guide when fitting Flanged Hex Head or Tapered Socket Cap fasteners. For fasteners in other applications you can refer to the table below for lubricated threads."

Using the following site, a torque value for a lubricated 12x1.75 thread metric bolt in Grade 5 Ti is 101.71 Nm.

Fastener Torque

And just to complete this whole journey, I reached out to Petros and his reply about torque values for their Ti frame bolts was, "Original (torque) is good you can go 10nm less tho."

Given the above, I'm not going to lose any sleep over torquing the V4Evo frame bolts to the 'standard' Ducati-specified torque value of 90 Nm using my go-to Loctite Nickel Anti-Seize.

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Congratulations and thanks for the high resolution pictures. I love that matte color BST... I am still waiting for mine (for my 998), and your pictures is so good in quality so I can see really upclose in natural color.
Your V4 SP is already a looking great out of the crate, I am sure it will be transform into something very special by you soon and can't wait to follow the EVOLUTION 🤩😍

By the way, I missed uncrating a bike... I used to help my mechanic to uncrate the Aprilias for our customer (back when I was Aprilia distributor)...
That exciting and Fresh New Bike smell is an experience by itself 😃👍


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That thing looks so good with the brushed tank.
Congrats! I will be following this build closely.
I was surprised, it looked good in pictures but it actually looks far better in person and the wheels are amazing up close...you can see the individual sheets and how they are cross-laid with one another.

I've got a few things for it already and some more coming but I did notice yesterday when I went to put it on that my Futuris Moto rear block-off had license plate wires broken, so that will go back to get fixed. This bike actually doesn't need too terribly much in my opinion but it will have a few things here and there.

@bp_SFV4 This is the sixth or seventh bike I've bought from them, so they let me do pretty much whatever I ask but I'd suggest you just ask them. I think most dealers, if one of their guys is back there with you, would let you uncrate your own bike. It was a pretty cool experience to be the one to crack it open and take the wrapping off it.

No. 86.jpg

2022 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP (Right Front 1).jpg
Got a few small things put on the bike and some more things waiting to go on it...I'm also working with AEM Factory and Bellissimoto here in the States to get some custom work done on a few parts. Looking at a set of carbon levers with the perches engraved with 'V4 SP' and 'No 86' on them and thinking about getting it done on the rear hub flange also along with a 520 conversion and working out details on the Titanium Integrated Fluid Reservoirs for it and some Proti bolts so I can put the CNC Racing brake cooling ducts on the bike.

I also got a full paint protection kit from Lucas at The Tank Slapper in XPEL Stealth. He's always been super-responsive and a good dude to work with, highly recommend him if you need a PPF kit.

Bike is currently on display behind ropes at Fay Myers here in Denver.

2022 Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP on Display at Fay Myers (Right Front 1).jpg

I also got my Hayabusa seat cover back from being embroidered...matches the 2019 paint scheme in black. Came out far better than I had expected.

Japanese Kanji Logo on Luimoto Seat Cover 1.jpg