1199 Hybrid 1299 Big Bore Engine


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I am currently building a 1199 motor and considering using the 1299 full crankshaft assembly within the 1199 case and heads set-up....

This would include the 1299 Crankshaft, rods, pistons, and liners all matched and balanced. The main journals are identical and even call for the same part number (if you have the same pairings).

I've done a full compare of the heads and other then the valve cover changes the intake, exhaust valves are identical along with the head combustion chamber. Cam profiles from what I've researched are identical.

Has anyone has heard of this being done before? If I do I'll double check every clearance including the valve to piston clearance as given the difference piston profiles this still concerns me however the dome has a lower profile on the 1299 vs. 1199.