1199 / 1299 Detroit Build Thread


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Hi, guys new to the forum, not to Ducati and time to start my build thread.

I've got a 2012 1199 Panigale with some current upgrades and many more planned over the next year or so...

Current upgrades:
  • MUPO full suspension
  • Termignoni full Titanium exhaust
  • Sprint Race filter
  • Tuneboy upgraded maps
  • Ducati Performance lid, rearsets, seat
  • Shorai lithium-ion battery
  • 520 Chain and 15 tooth front and 41 rear
  • Other small stuff can't remember.

Planned future upgrades:
  • Dyno tune with wide band (optimize and set baseline for future)
  • Tuneboy auto blip + QS
  • Building another 1199 engine with full blueprint and few other mods in works
  • Dyno tune with wide band (note differences between engines & compare)
  • Full race bodywork
  • Race fairing stay
  • Race subframe
20221227_164802.jpg20221227_164850 rear bike.jpg
20221227_164802.jpg20221227_164850 rear bike.jpg


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Crankshaft part 1 20230317_070919.jpg
20221004_131300.jpgCrankshaft part 1 20230317_070919.jpg
Finally get back to the engine rebuild and just completed the full rebuild for the heads and that included mild port clean up, matching, and measuring + adjusting all valve clearances. Starting the crankshaft rotating assembly now and will be measuring and checking all clearances again, likely not required but it will give me peace of mind to know everything is blueprinted and documented for the future.

I'll post more pics as I go and plan to dyno the engine when done after baselining the current stock motor currently in the bike as I'm curious if what I have done helps (or hurt)? I'll do this within the same bike with no other changes to give a more accurate comparison.

Side note but I was curious on 1299 specs and how the internals really compare to the 1199 so just did this last week. Pretty interesting to see what is really different or not more then just what you read online. The heads are nearly identical with minor differences, but the piston has significant changes to the dome, and the piston skirt is wider and shorter than the 1199. The crank pin journal is about 2mm wider and the crank counterweight is machined to allow room for the wider piston skirt of the 1299 piston. Interesting stuff for sure.


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Question for the group but now that I have the full rotating assembly for the 1299 and the full engine parts for the 1199 I am considering installing the 1299 crankshaft assembly into the 1199 casing. All the measurements I have done so far confirm this should work however I am curious if anyone has ever heard of anyone attempting to do this? If I do this I would recheck all clearance and fully blueprint the engine to validate there are not clearance issues.....