V2 Tune Files


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Hi All..

I have a 2022 Pani V2 which i have just removed the cat and fitted a SP1 exhaust to. The rest of the bike is Bone STOCK. Only removed servo and that rediculous cat box for the new slip on....
Now.. I DO have a Woolrich M-DUC v3 logbox and have flashed it already to disable the servo motor, decrease fan temp, and raise rev limit etc.

So far, I have not made any changes to the fuel tables or ignition maps.. haven't even "smoothed" them as yet.

My air filter is also stock OEM....

Can someone who has modified one of these with a half or full system, either with brentune, UPMap, or simply 'tweaked' fueling after decating, please share your map???????
I am wanting to see some of the actual differences are the fuel and ignition tables... All I want to do is open a tuned map in WRT and have a look to get an idea on starting point to begin...

The only maps available that I can get my hands on seem to be bone stock.