Project V20C.....a Damp Squib Or Something To Get Excited About?


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I would imagine many of you will have received an email from Ducati earlier today, with the obligatory teaser shot of the new Project V20C. I'm guessing a Lambo/Ducati Streetfighter styling mash-up/combo that pays some sort of homage to the new STO car they have produced. The image shown appears to be the lower oil cooler shroud on the Streetfighter V4. Anyone else care to guess what the new Project is, that literally no-one is waiting with baited breath for?



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There was a time slot allocated for the unveiling of this last weekend. I wasn’t there in time (probably not even eligible) to see it but there was a lot of lambo action on the track and around the paddock so you’re probably bang on.

edit: lime green oooo 👀