Monster sadness


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Quick back story. A life long friend, the man who got me excited about Ducati's decades ago passed away just before Christmas after spending 2 years in and out of the hospital. Feeling that he was about to die he asked me to take his Monster s2r 800 , sell it and give his son the money. Unfortunately it wasn't worth much with the problems it had/has(belts, battery, partial wiring harness, master cylinders). One test rider was stranded on the side of the road, had to puck him up with the truck. Long story short I gave his son a hand full of cash that he was more than happy with.

Now, this Monster is earmarked for my 14yo son. He really liked and respected Kloss (said friend) and has loved this bike from the first time he seen it. Now to continue the process of making it reliable and rideable. Kloss had always wanted to make this bike red with white stripe as well as a few other mods so we will head that way with the mods along with some input from my son(he is on board with the red n white). That's the story. Tears me up just typing this but i have to accept it.