Ducati CORSE parts for sale


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I want to offer for sale there these Ducati parts:

Ducati racing parts:

Omega Ducati Corse piston (Dia. 104 mm)
Condition: new
Code: (6 available)
Price: 250 € per one

Pankl Ducati Corse titanium conrods (998RS, fits also other engines)
Condition: very good, used
Code: 65101053 (pitch 124,3 mm) (1 available)
Code: 65P2A008 (pitch 126,5 mm) (4 available)
Price: 400 € per one

Ducati Corse WSBK crankshaft
Condition: very good, used
Price: 800 € (1 available)
(picture on right side, left one is OEM 1098 S)

Pankl titanium conrod bolts
Condition: new
Code: 2046 (equal 2114) (16 available)
Price: 35 € per one

Ducati OEM road parts:

Ducati 1098 S piston
Condition: used
Price: 65€ per one (2 available)

Ducati 1098 S cylinder
Condition: used
Price: 125 € per one (4 available)

Ducati 1098 S cylinder heads (complete)
Condition: used
Price: 160 € per one (4 available)

Ducati 1098 S crankshaft
Condition: used
Price: 190 € (available 1)
(picture under racing crankshaft)

Ducati 848 engine (134hp) (complete, but stripped down)
Condition: approx. 2000km driven
Price: 1 300 € (available 1)

Please note: prices does not include shipping costs. We can discuss about discount in case of interest in more parts.

In case of interest I can provide you with more photos and info.

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Lukáš Jančík

BMW Alpina

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Hello Lukas,
Welcome to our forum and wow, you have a great collection of Ducati Corse Parts for sale there.
By the way, if someday you have Termignoni Full System Exhaust 57mm or 60mm for Ducati 998 for sale, please kindly let me know.


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Hello, I dont have any other parts. We bought these parts 12 years ago, to built 2 litre V4 from two wsbk engines (with billet crankcase) to reach over 400hp. We were planning to use that in european autocross championship. In the end, we did not have enough time to continue in project.