2010 HyperMotard 796 build thread...


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Super excited to start this build thread as I have wanted to tear into a HyperMotard for some time.
I plan to keep this thread updated as this project moves along.

In August 2021 I found a great deal on a 10k mile 2010 796. One adult owner. Bone stock down to the exhaust and warning stickers all over the bike. Even had the stock fork reflectors on it (see below)
I have owned tons of different bikes and hot rods / trucks in the past so this isnt my first rodeo by far. Past Ducati's I have owned were a 2007 S2R1K:
and a 2001 748:
After the first spin around the block on the HyperMotard I was hooked for sure. Now its time to make it more "mine". I know it's not the biggest or fastest Ducati around. I bought this thing to chop up and make into a cool bar hopper and 2nd bike when I don't feel like taking out the Road King (my main bike)..

I know I am going to piss off a bunch of you Ducati purist guys with what I do to this thing , but, its mine so 🤷‍♂️. You do yours, and I will do mine.

The "change" list as this point for the bike is:

  • Lower the bike front and rear
  • Continental TKC80 knobby tires
  • Powdercoat wheels to match new paint (color at this point undecided)
  • Remove all un-wanted and or un-needed parts, covers, hoses, etc.
  • Fab up custom exhaust to get front head pipe high on the bike (similar to latest Hyper style)
  • Relocate license plate frame / turn signals / etc..
  • Ditch throttle side front brake caliper and rotor to have open wheel look on right side front and rear
  • Clean up handlebars / new mirrors / grips / bar end signals
  • Powdercoat a bunch of things Satin black to match the stock frame
  • Add some tastefull Carbon Fiber bits for contrast to the new paint

More of this build will be a less is more approach, instead of just throwing Ebay or Amazon parts at the bike.
I'm a huge fan of taking what needs to be on a bike, and moving or relocating it for a better / more appealing look or flow.

As I said above I will try and keep this thread updated and populated as progress happens with the build.

Stay tuned...


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Awesome welcome to the forum. You do not have to worry about anyone passing judgement. The heart of the build will be a Ducati so wherever you choose to go from there is ok. I love the chooper style builds I'm sure you will have some new ideas that I may have not even considered. So I look forward to your tips and tricks.


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I love the hypers, they look like such a fun bike. If I lived in town I’d probably have got one already! Sounds like it’s gonna be a very creative process so interested to see how it turns out.


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Build update 3/4/23:

Been awhile since I posted about this project, here are some pics of where it currently sits...

The bike is a ripper for sure. Sounds the part. Looks the part. etc. From the neck bearings, full fluid and filter change, brake lines, final drive chain,
wheel bearings, brake pads, etc the thing is basically brand new. No reason to build something like this and not change / replace / upgrade items as you go.

Must recently I changed out the taillight from the above (under the seat) to a side mount off the swingarm.
Much cleaner look for sure.

Next is some hidden turn signals and a re-formed seat to cover the back section i chopped off.

Stay tuned !
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Hi Joe,
Who made your custom exhaust? Those looks amazing :love:
Thanks for the kind words.
Literally almost everything on this build was either a modified stock part or from Amazon / Ebay / Etc.

The cheaper the better !

The head pipe was ordered without the cat, and the "tips" are exhaust bends with drop in baffles.

Headpipe: DUCATI HYPERMOTARD 796 2010-12 Leo Vince Link Pipe Kits 8053 | eBay
Tips: Amazon.com: Qiilu Motorcycle Slip on Exhaust Middle Pipe Connector Exhaust Mid Pipe Link Pipe Tube for GSX R600 GSX-R750 K8 2008
Drop in baffles: Amazon.com: Exhaust DB Killer, 51mm Universal Removable Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe Muffler Automotive Baffle Silencer DB Killer Noise Eliminator Style 5 : Automotive

Click the link below to hear what the bike sounds like -->
JoeJrTheBarber (@joejrthebarber) • Instagram photos and videos
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